Desk Balance Board
Desk Balance Board
Desk Balance Board
Desk Balance Board
Desk Balance Board
Desk Balance Board
Desk Balance Board
Desk Balance Board

Desk Balance Board

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Cork half roller
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Desk Balance Board 2.0 is here! Our updated board includes a larger dome for greater 360 swivel action and now ships with an optional half cork roller for great side to side manoeuvrability. 

Get those feet moving! We all sit too much, be it at work, at home, in the car or on the bus. So how do you get more movement into your already busy day?

We've got the answer, the Gully Desk Balance Board! It's the perfect way to get incidental movement into your day. Studies show that micro movements through your day have huge health benefits, confirming that doing something, is better than nothing.

Who and what is it good for?

  • Got achilles issues? - It's perfect for keeping your feet moving and achilles loose
  • Got a bad back? - Engage your lower body with small movements whilst sitting, strengthening muscles and improving posture
  • Got poor circulation? Keep that blood pumping by moving your feet a little, more often.
  • Got fidgety feet? - Perfect for having a little fun under your desk (Don't let your boss see!)
  • Need low impact exercise? - Are you a little older, is walking or more active exercises a struggle, use the board whilst sitting on the couch watching your favourite show.

How does it work? Go side to side like a see-saw or flip it over and swivel 360 degrees, it's up to you! Super easy to use and low impact on your joints.

Hand made at our workshop in Melbourne using sustainably sourced Victorian Ash timber this board is not only super functional, but also beautiful.

The specs - 

Board width and length - 50cm X 18.5cm

The board is finished with two coats of natural oil, providing protection from the elements and grip for your feet.

** If you intend to use this product on a hardwood floor we strongly recommend also purchasing a rubber mat as well.  The board may create small indentations on a hardwood floor without appropriate protection.

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Do you sit or stand?

It doesn't matter! The Gully Desk Balance Board works perfectly for both sitting and standing desk set ups.

Sitting Desk

standing desk


It is possible to do two things at the same time!

Side to Side

Imagine being 5 years old and sitting on one end of a see-saw.... Ok now think about that for your feet! The side to side action looks like a see-saw, but really feels like walking whilst sitting. A great way to get to those 10,000 steps per day!

Two ways to use one board

We have consciously created the board with two distinct actions in mind. Walking or taking steps whilst sitting and the more fluid 360 to really stretch and strengthen all of the foot muscles.

360 Swivel

Up, down, back and forth or side to side, you can do it all! It's like play time for your feet! Challenge yourself to see how long you can keep both sides in the air!

Cutting the shape of a solid timber skateboard on a band saw
Made by hand

Each Balance Board is made by hand in our Melbourne workshop. Whilst the shape may be the same, each and every board is unique, with different grains and colours in the timber making no two boards identical.

our guarantee

We back our product and our craftsmanship, so if you do have any troubles we will replace any damaged or faulty components no questions asked.

frequently asked questions

Yep, at the moment we only do one size of the desk board. If you really need something larger, drop us a line and we can look at a custom order.

The board is made from sustainably sourced and recycled Australian hardwood timbers. We primarily use Victorian Ash and Jarrah in the balance boards.


The board will last a lifetime, if it's looked after well. Being made of solid hardwood timber the only regular maintenance required is a wipe with a damp cloth. Like any timber product, it will wear over significant time, but can be rejuvenated with a light sand and re-application of oil.

We strongly suggest using some sort of rubber mat under the board for hard surfaces (timber, laminate or tiles). Our rubber mat is cut to size and fits perfectly if you don't have one of your own.

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Customer Reviews

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Heather D Gray
Desk Balance Board

It is great. I sit at my desk and rock away. I know I am exercising. Easy to use

Thanks for the great review Heather. Happy rocking :)

Shaye Harty
Love the Idea, need to find something to put it on

Love the Desk Balance Board. That said, I purchased it to use at my standing desk. I have hardwood floors, so when I used the spherical side, it left indentations in my floor. I have tried to find ways to prevent this, but ultimately I will most likely have to put it on another board to distribute the weight across the additional layer of wood.

I think for a sitting down only balance board, this wouldn't be an issue, but with full weight of a person on it, it causes damage to wood floors without a buffer.