Our Story

The Beginning

The idea for Gully Boards started in 2015 with the chance sighting of a solid timber skateboard in a design magazine. That board sparked two thoughts  - Wow, that's beautiful and, I could make that!

What began as a weekend side project with a lot of prototypes, numerous failures and more interruptions and distractions than most start-ups would face in a lifetime, Gully Boards was finally born in late 2017. 

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to create beautifully designed, sustainably sourced, handmade products that help people pursue their passions.

Our vision is to have every Aussie ride a solid timber board at least once.

Man balancing on a handmade soild timber balance board with natural cork roller and recycled rubber mat
hand sanding a solid timber skateboard
Skate boards

Our skateboards are inspired by the old school cruiser boards of the 70's. Made from solid timbers, but with a modern sleek design and modern hardware, perfect for smooth cruising by the beach on a summers day.

Balance Boards

Our Balance Boards are the newest addition to our range. Building on our mission of helping people follow they're passions the balance board range offers something for everyone, from toddlers learning to walk, right through to pro athletes.

Made from the same quality timbers as our skateboards, these boards are both functional and beautiful.

Yoga pose on Mini Balance Board

Sustainability is at the core of what we do. We use recycled timbers first and sustainably sourced timbers 2nd. Our oils are natural and non toxic, our packaging is from recycled cardboard and we do our very best to utilise as much of the timber as we can, re-using offcuts for other boards and products. And the sawdust ends up in the garden too! This commitment to sustainability is incredibly important to us and we hope to share that message with the world.

Our Founder

Our founder and chief board maker Mark has a passion for riding boards. From starting out in the water on surf and body boards, to skating, snowboarding and any other board he can get his feet on! That passion, and a professional career in the design business has been the building blocks for what now is Gully Boards.

Cutting the shape of a solid timber skateboard on a band saw
the future

We never sit still! There is always something new on the go in the workshop, a new prototype, a new idea. We're committed to our mission and look forward to bringing you some new products soon!