Three types of balance boards - Mini balance board for beginners, pro balance board with roller for experienced users and a Desk balance board.

bring a little balance
to your life

Which balance board is right for you?

We have carefully created three balance boards to suit where you are at on your balance journey. Check out each board below to see which board best fits you.

Beginner level
Desk Balance Board

Whilst ths board was designed for your desk, it's use case is much wider. Perfect for the sit down or stand up desk, it's also great as a kids learning board as well. With both side to side and swivel actions, the board allows for a diverse range of movement and exercies, whilst keeping thing super safe at just 2cm off the ground.

intermediate level
Mini Balance BOard

The Mini Balance board is our most versatile balance board. Easy enough to use straight out of the box, but with the ability level up the complexity of your exercises as you go. From a more advanced desk board, to a super serious yoga tool or great sports cross training tool, this one can do it all.

Advanced level
Gully pro balance board

The Pro level board is the perfect cross training tool for surfers and snowboarders, as well as any sport that requires a bit of balance and core strength (Think AFL, ice hockey, basketball, the list is endless!). The board itself is easily mastered by all ages and is a great way to train in the colder months of the year.