From Little Things Big Things Grow

So the headlines a little cheesy and for any Aussies reading you’re already thinking of that superannuation ad (Yep, you know the one where we get told that it takes a really long time for our super to actually grow… thanks for that!), but for anyone out there that’s started their own business, it’s pretty much the only mantra that it’s in your head. 

You have to start somewhere is what I always heard. Doesn’t matter where, just start. It’s one of those obvious things you look back on once you’re a little way down the road. For me and probably like most, just starting was an achievement in itself. Almost like a weight lifting after all the ideas and thinking and 'almost doing' over a pretty long period of time.

One of the first and most important tasks I looked at was branding. Now I come from a branding and design background, but I can tell you it’s 10 times harder when it’s your own company and your own hard earned funding the process, and not the client’s! But for me, going through the process and locking in that final design after all of those tweaks was not only satisfying, but it absolutely crystallised the original idea, and that’s only fuelling my vision for the future.

But the funny thing about ‘starting’ is it does two things. It locks in the idea, probably means you’ve spent some actual money on a business name, or maybe a logo design and gives you that sense of moving forward. But it’s also quite daunting, once you start you quickly realise how much is actually involved and every little side track from what you thought was suppose to be your main focus gets more and more frustrating.

I started Gully Boards out of the garage at my dads house, not because of some weird homage to Steve Jobs (And all of the other Silicon Valley tech kids), but out of pure necessity. Space is expensive! Tools, materials and everything else you need to start a business are expensive. So thanks Dad, wouldn’t have been possible without that space (Though some help tidying up would have been nice!). 


So Paul Kelly may have written the song (which then got ripped off on that super ad!), but who knows maybe something big will grow out of the little garage door in the Gully!



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