Gully Junior Cruiser
The Gully Junior Cruiser
The Gully Junior Cruiser is the best way to introduce your child to the world of board riding. With handles for both parent and child, the Junior Cruiser makes learning safe, easy and fun. The handles are removable so that as your child grows and learns the difficulty can become harder. 

Learning Stage 1

The board comes with two handles. One for the adult to control speed and direction and the other for the child to maintain balance whilst they learn the experience of riding.

Learning Stage 2

Once the child becomes reasonably confident with the board, removing the kids handle gives them the opportunity to test their balance whilst the parent still has 100% control over the speed and direction. This stage provides the chance to really introduce the basics of skateboarding - The kick push start, turning their feet once on the board properly as well as turning, stopping and of course dismounting safely.

Learning Stage 3

Finally, once they have mastered the basics and the parents feel comfortable to remove the adult handle the board becomes a standard cruiser style skateboard. We strongly recommend full supervision continues for some time once this has occurred to ensure they are riding confidently on their own. 
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